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Short Sale/Loss Mitigation

Short Sales/Loss Mitigation

As today’s real estate market continues to change, short sale transactions are becoming more common. As a successful real estate professional you may have explored the idea of taking on this type of listing.  However, your time is limited and short sale transactions can be time consuming and difficult to close.

This is why Absolute Title of Central Florida and our staff of dedicated professionals have partnered with Sure Close Short Sales, Inc. to work with you and your clients to gather pertinent information, package the information per the lenders instructions, submit the information to the lender on the seller’s behalf and work to achieve contract approval from the lender.  In addition, upon approval, Absolute Title of Central Florida will continue to work closely with the buyer, the buyer’s Realtor and the buyer’s lender to make Sure Close Short Sales, so the transaction closes in a smooth and timely manner.

If you’d like to fax us a title order, or other
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Sure Close Short Sales, Inc.'s
Services include:
  • A free initial consultation to determine if a Short Sale is a viable option.
  • Gather all required financial information.
  • Package all information per lender’s requirements.
  • Monitor buyer’s side to ensure timely closing.
  • Coordinate with Absolute Title to ensure that all preliminary searches on the property for you so that when the HUD is submitted it is accurate and not based on assumptions.
  • Review all documents prior to submission making sure everything is right and stacked properly.

We invite you to contact a representative of Absolute Title of Central Florida to learn more about their short sale services by calling- 407.401.8506 M-F 9am to 6pm EST.

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